Canada and Alaska cruises: 7 reasons to love them

Canadian Rocky Mountain Range - Scenic Cruise's Magnificent Canadian Rockies & Alaskan Cruise

If there was one word, to sum up Canada and Alaska is would be awe-inspiring. Everywhere you look is simply gorgeous – the mountains, the inside passage and the wildlife, all elements that on their own would make you travel to see them. However, this part of the world offers it all! The list of reasons to travel to this part of the world is pretty much endless. But we’ve narrowed down just 7 reasons to cruise Western Canada and Alaska, in no particular order, for you to enjoy.

1. The Natural Beauty of Jasper National Park

Jasper Nation Park on APT Touring Cruise - Majestic Rockies and Alaska Cruise
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Jasper National Park is a protected wilderness area in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the largest Canadian National Park, covering an area of 10.8 km2. It is a vast wilderness area with waterfalls, canyons, mountains, lakes, a ski field and an ice field! Jasper National Park has one of the only icefields that is accessible by road (in summer) to view the Columbian Icefields. If the mountains and icefield aren’t enough for you, there are also plenty of beautiful animals to see in their natural habitat including elk, caribou, moose and bears.

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2. UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Untouched Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay - APT Touring Rugged Alaska, Yukon and Glacier Cruise
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This is a spectacular part of most Western Canada and Alaska cruises, it is a full day (normally 8-9hrs) cruising the bay, providing passengers with a wonderful view of the different glaciers. All the glaciers were created in the little ice age 4,000 years ago. Glaciers are fast disappearing due to Climate Change, to be able to see these beautiful natural wonders, book a tour sooner rather than later.

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3. Vancouver’s Natural Skyline

Vancouver - on any of APT Touring and Scenic Cruises in Canada
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Vancouver is a wonderful global city. It is large, full of history and different districts, all offering a unique, style and atmosphere. Describing the highlights of Vancouver could be an article in itself. So, I’ll leave you with some notable points of interest.

Granville Island is famous for its Public Market where fresh produce is sold, think bakeries, farmers, fishmongers, with food and food stalls too. English Bay connects Vancouver’s different neighbourhoods, it has the city’s most popular beaches and is a great spot for people watching. All cruise ships depart from Vancouver Harbour, which in itself is an awesome area of the city. Gastown is a must-see, it is the old, cool and quirky part of the city, stroll along Water Street to get a real sense of the history. Also, for the shopping lovers, Robson Street is where you should head.

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4. Witness the Majesty of the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rocky Mountain Range - Scenic Cruise's Magnificent Canadian Rockies & Alaskan Cruise
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The Canadian Rocky Mountain range (the ‘Rockies’) is one of the most scenic in the world. It spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta is home to several national parks, including Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. The Rockies provides a unique environment where many North American animals call home. The Rockies are truly awe-inspiring, mouths gape open as people are weaved through this mountainous region; whether it be by bus, car or train, the experience is equally stunning.

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5. Explore the Fishing Villages of Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island - APT Cruise's Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise
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Victoria is the largest city on Vancouver Island and is a short ferry trip from Vancouver itself. Victoria is the capital of the British Columbia province and referred to as the Garden City due to the spectacular gardens that bloom in Spring. Victoria is one of the oldest cities in the pacific Northwest and has beautiful heritage buildings to show for it.

To visit Vancouver Island, book a tour on APT Cruise’s Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise.


6. From City to Summit, Anchorage Has it All

Anchorage - APT Cruise's Natural Wonders of the Rockies and Alaska
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Alaska holds more than half of America’s national parks by area. Anchorage is conveniently located providing visitors with easy access to five different national parks. Each park offers something unique, for example, Kenai Fjords National Park is known for the California grey whales migrating in spring. Whether it’s a gentle walk, cycle, kayak, horse riding, more intense run or mountain climb Anchorage has every outdoor activity you could possibly imagine.

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7. Visit the Gateway to Mother Nature – Juneau & Tracy’s Arm fjord

Juneau - Scenic Cruise's Magnificent Candadian Rockies & Alaskan Cruise
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Unknown to most, Juneau is actually the capital of Alaska. It sits at the base of 3,819ft Mt. Roberts, in the state’s panhandle. Juneau is remote and only accessible by boat or seaplane. Making this stop on the cruise a very exciting one. Juneau has several activities to offer those who visit including hiking, wildflowers, ski area, waterfalls, bird centre and of course Tracy’s Arm fjord.

When cruising Alaska, most ships pass by Tracy’s Arm or visit it an excursion from Juneau. It is voted the number one thing to do in Juneau on TripAdvisor, so keep in mind this beautiful fjord when booking your cruise.

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Hopefully, these 7 reasons have inspired you to travel to Western Canada and Alaska. A wonderful way to explore these areas is to travel via cruise ship, offering views of the coastline unseen otherwise. As well as a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the inside passage. Have a look at our ocean cruises, Canada and Alaska section to see what we have on offer.


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